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Hostel Rules

 1 Homesickness is a natural phenomenon, hence, it should not be associated with the environment of the school or hostel. Therefore, parents are advised to take the child's consent prior to his/her admission to the hostel
 2 Parents should regard hostel as a place highly conducive for attaining excellence in the multifarious field of education. It should not be deemed as a confinement where pampered children are tamed and reformed. Hence, this observation should be given due consideration before admitting a child  hostel
l 3 All the boarders are to rigidly abide by the rules and regulations enacted from time to time by the School Authorities for the maintenance of strict discipline
 4 No boarder shall keep more than Rs.50/- as cash with him/her. She/he will have to deposit all his/her money in the School Bank and can withdraw the desired amount to meet any emergency 
5 No boarder is permitted to borrow or lend money, buy, sell or exchange any article in the school campus 
6 Boarders shall not keep with them transistors, radios, cameras, mobiles, i pod or any other costly article in the hostel. Retention of any such device shall entail heavy fine 
7 No clothes other than the prescribed ones are allowed to be retained by the boarders
 8 All belongings of the boarders, including clothes, should be clearly marked with the prescribed indelible ink for the purpose of identification
9 Though every care is taken that no item/article of the boarder’s gets misplaced/lost, yet the ones lies solely upon the boarders themselves 
10 No boarder can leave the hostel premises without seeking the prior written permission of the Warden and the Principal
 11 Though no efforts are spared to check the boarders from playing truant, yet the School and the Hostel Authorities cannot be held responsible for any such act of truancy 
12 The School and Hostel Authorities do not take any responsibility, legal or financial, for any injury caused to a boarder in an accidental mishap
 13 Parents/Guardians are advised not to see their children too often as it can disturb them emotionally. They should not go and relax in the rooms with their children 
14 Periodic reports on students' progress are regularly sent to parents, even then, they had better see the class teacher occasionally to discuss and ensure the progress of their children 
15 Parents desirous of seeing their child's teachers may come to the school on the second Saturday of a month between 12 noon and 3 pm Hence, they should not visit the school any other day to maintain the decorum and avoid unnecessary embarrassment 
16 Only the parents, the guardians or the authorized persons whose photos have already been submitted to the Office can see their children/wards
 17 A boarder is permitted to go home only four times a year i Summer Vacation il Diwali Holidays Til Winter Break iv Session Break in March 
18 In case of a boarder's being seriously ill, his/her parents/guardians are informed by telephone or telegram at their expense. All the charges for getting a child hospitalized will be realized from the parents concerned 
19 Parents are advised to avoid making frequent phone calls, for an excessive communication with boarders not only affects their concentration but also makes them feel homesick 20 if a 
boarder leaves the hostel without prior notice or remains absent for more than a month, he/she will automatically forfeit the right of his/her belongings
 21 Parents should refer to the booklet, 'Guidelines for Parents' for self-convenience
 22 An heir certificate has to be produced in case of dispute over parentage
 23 If the child is suffering from any chronic disease, it is the duty of parents to convey it to the Hostel Authorities and make their own arrangements for periodical check-ups
 24 It is the duty of parents to get their child vaccinated timely, if it is required
 25 A candidate who seeks admission to the school as a boarder shall complete the session in the hostel. Any mid session from hostel will lead to an automatic from the school rolls as well 
26 Admission to the school does not ensure admission to the hostel as well. It depends on vacant seats available in the hostel